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I just want to say that it was a great blessing for my family to attend Dai Hoi this year. I know it took a lot of hard work and collaboration from a lot of people in the different local DFW churches to do such a great job like this. Besides some minor problems with food and sound system, over-all everything was very well-planned and executed. I would like to especially commend Garland VBC for doing such a great job behind-the-scene. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! I don't know if anyone else feels like this, but the only big problem my family had about Dai Hoi is regarding Sunday night's Dem Nhac Thanh. It was a great program with a lot of variety and talent and very spirit-filled up to the point of Muc Su Bui Quynh Giao. He destroyed the mood and dis-respected God and us by what he did. It was very disappointing and tasteless. Everyone there praised God in their performances, but he especially being a pastor was only there to perform. It was very inappropriate of him to have a personal agenda during the praising of our Lord and Savior. We hold him to a higher standard because he is a pastor. For him to be an opportunist and use Dem Nhac Thanh as an advertising tool and not completing his song of praise to God tells us of his character. I hope he knows his plan back-fired, because I think that many people are upset by what he did and really would not ever pay to buy those CDs he was advertising. I know Ban To Chuc had nothing to do with this and probably just as shock as we were by his stunt. I hope this is not a preview of Dai Hoi 23 in Atlanta, since I know he is very much involved in it. Besides this, I truly commend DFW churches in a great and successful Dai Hoi. I know a lot of people will really miss the fellowship and will have Dai Hoi withdrawal. Once again, THANK YOU! Dr. Le

In regards to the Thanh Nien program, with respect to the leadership and the planning committee, if there's no focus for the local churches and reorganizing our infrastructure then there will be no real legitimacy to any elected board. The elected board (Lien Doan TN) is first and foremost responsible to/for the local churches and Thanh Nien nation wide. Without closed and organized election by designated representative that is supervised by senior pastors there will be no real legitimacy for this or any election. The local churches asks "who is Lien Doan that we must support ?" "who are it's leadership because they have never contact us?" "why are should we donate and support it's programs when they do not reach out and help us?" The reason why other conventions are able to look to the international mission field is because they are secure on the home front. Their local churches have good fellowship together, funding is consistant for local and national ministries, growth is demonstrated within the home churches. These are the reason why the other conventions are able to look to international missions. Vietnamese Churches and Conventions have, fundementally, through lack of support and/or neglect, have fail Thanh Nien locally and nation wise. How will it then expect Thanh Nien to be active on the international scene? If this letter hurt a little bit, i beg your forgiveness, but it is not a single voice but an echo of many that have attended Dai Hoi and saw first hand what Lien Doan Thanh Nien promises and failed to deliver. we can now do two things, heed the call to build up the infrastructure of Thanh Nien and tactfully work together with the local Thanh Nien or we can do nothing and let things continue the way they are and dream of "international missions". Dream..because it will be highly improbable because TN will not venture anywhere when they are not equiped, trained, motivated, successful on the home front. in Christ, Tri Nguyen

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