Invitation Letter

Posted: 03/20/2001 | Viewed: 4282135

Dear Pastors and Youth Leaders,

On behalf of the Lien Doan Thanh Nien, I greet you in Christ’s name.  I believe this year’s convention will mark an important step for Vietnamese churches in mission.  In order to encourage and challenge the younger generation to become more passionate about missions, the Convention Committee has prepared a special youth convention program. This program is designed to help the youth utilize their gifts for the Kingdom.  The program will include:

  1. Grades 9-12 will have a workshop led by Pastor Vince Vo to help them see the future of the Vietnamese Church in the U.S.
  2. College and Young Adults will have a workshop led by Pastor Frank Dang to help them understand and see the Kingdom Vision.  They will listen and learn from medical professionals sharing about their mission work.
  3. One meaningful fellowship and sport activity, plus one worship service with the subject “The Future Church and Missions”.
  4. Election for the 2007-2008 Youth Federation.
  5. An afternoon with Dr. Bob Roberts, a leading pastor in missions and church planting from Texas.
  6. A Praise Night with adults.

The joint services will be a bridge to link the two generations for the service of the Kingdom. 

Your suggestions and input about the Youth programs can be emailed to or by phone: (817) 846-0082.

I would like to encourage all young ministers and brothers and sisters in Christ to share and introduce this Youth Program with the youth and young adults so that they can come and participate. 

The website of the Convention is:

I hope to see you all at Dai Hoi 2006.

In Christ,

Reverend Frank Dang

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